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We are very proud of our work at Vinyl Design. Since we started in 2005, we have always been professional and accommodating. Upon completion of our jobs, we make sure our site is cleaner than when we first arrived. We will take our time to make sure our customers are fully informed of everything that needs to happen and why it needs to take place.



Here at Vinyl Design, we will completely rip your roof down to its wooden decking. After changing any wood that has been damaged over the years from rot, we use a seven part weather system. This system includes Roof Deck Protection, Leak Barriers, Starter Strip Shingles, Shingles, Attic Ventilation, Ridge Cap Shingles and Vented Soffit. For almost every job, this entire process will be started and completed in one day. Our prices are fair, and our customer relations are professional. All styles and colors are your choice as we will present you with all options available.



Using vinyl siding, we install regular and shake impression vinyl siding. Aside from top tier protection against mother nature, our work is aesthetically pleasing. After ripping your old siding down to the plywood walls, we install house wrap for protection purposes, insulation to save money on heating and cooling costs, and ultimately our final layer is the vinyl siding for protection and a clean professional look.



After ripping your old flashing off your chimney, we will install a leak barrier around your chimney, install new copper, aluminum or lead flashings, and finally install a top layer of flashing for a professional finished look. If you have a class A chimney or a chimney housing unit, we can replace those as well!

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